Android Phone Tips: Taking a Picture or Video on Your Phone


The Best Buy Mobile team teaches how to toggle between picture and video capture features. Once inside the multimedia section, the icons direct you to either picture or video options. Hi Im Rusty, the Sales Lead at Best Buy Mobile in Chelsea, New York and Im gonna show you how to take a picture or video on your Android phone. Its quite simple really. Simply select the camera widget on your device. This will activate your phones camera for both video and photos. Once you find an object, it will tell you to select your trackball to actually take your photo. Lets get a shot here. Viola! You can immediately view your options, you can select an item to share it with your email, you can send a picture to Flickr, you can send a video to YouTube or you can multimedia message your friends and show them everything that your taking on the go. Once you get back to your camera lens, right down here is your camera camcorder icon. Select this to easily navigate between video camera and video camcorder capabilities. Simply press the trackballs again and now youre starting a video. (Theres a) Timer in the corner there. Simply select the trackball again to complete your media. You can select this again to go back to picture or simply hit home to go back to your home screen.